Premium quality

Premium quality

FireStixx Pellets: Quality Makes the Difference

Not all wood pellets are the same. The differences in quality can be immense, with serious consequences for heating performance. High-quality wood pellets are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of heating systems. Therefore, you should never take risks when it comes to purchasing pellets.

FireStixx wood pellets are certified in accordance with DINplus and ENplus A1. The premium quality of FireStixx pellets even surpasses all applicable norms, which is the best guarantee for cost-effective, problem-free and reliable heating.

The advantages of FireStixx Premium Pellets at a glance:

  • Low heating costs due to a high level of efficiency
  • Long service life of burners and boilers
  • Commendably low emissions
  • Very little ash production
  • Minimal dust formation
  • Higher level of heating comfort


FireStixx Criteria

The following are several of the parameters that influence the quality of wood pellets:

  •  A low abrasion value means that the pellets will have superior mechanical durability and abrasion resistance. Pellets produce less dust and fewer fine particles in the fuel-storage area, meaning improved flow characteristics and air circulation in the pellet burner. The advantages: higher level of efficiency and cleaner flue gases.
  • The low moisture content increases the calorific value, thereby reducing heating costs.
  • The reduced ash content means cleaner combustion and therefore less maintenance.
  • Owing to their higher bulk density, the pellets have a higher volume weight and therefore a higher energy density.




Length distribution

3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm

precisely defined length distribution

optimal flow characteristics ⇒ low mechanical stress

Calorific value

4,9 ≤ Q ≤ 5,3 kWh/kg

5,3 kWh/kg

more energy ⇒ higher cost efficiency


≤ 10 %

6-8 %

higher calorific value ⇒ lower heating costs

Mechanical durability

≥ 97,5 %

≥ 98,5 %

less abrasion, less dust ⇒ reduced maintenance

Ash content

≤ 0,7 %

≤ 0,35 %

up to 50% less ash ⇒ cleaner combustion, less maintenance


Rated best by Stiftung Warentest (1.7)

According to the German consumer association Stiftung Warentest, FireStixx Premium Pellets offer exceptional wood-pellet quality, as well as the best combustion properties of all tested brands of wood pellets (special issue on energy “test Spezial Energie” from 30 May 2009)

  • Combustion properties: very good (1.5)
  • Heating properties: good (1.7)
  • Additional environmental characteristics: very good (1.2)
  • Declaration: satisfactory (3.0)
  • Overall rating “Good” (1.7)

FireStixx Pellets DINplus and ENplus

FireStixx Premium Pellets are certified in accordance with DINplus and ENplus A1. The European norm guarantees consistently high pellet quality from the production facility to the customer; thanks to ENplus, there is now a certification system for pellet trade as well. Therefore, the whole supply chain can be covered by a single certification system.

Only pellets certified by DINplus or ENplus guarantee problem-free heating system operation. In many parameters, FireStixx Premium Pellets even exceed the requirements of the norm.