Pellet Prices

Pellet Prices

Pellet Prices Remain Stable and Favourable

The cost of the raw material, sawdust, accounts for the largest portion of the pellet price.

How will the prices for pellets develop in the future? Wood pellets are significantly cheaper than oil or gas, and their price will remain stable in the long term. Unlike fossil fuels, wood pellets are made from an abundant and renewable resource. Furthermore, pellet prices are not influenced by political and global crises, i.e. pellets are not a commodity subject to economic speculation.

The price for FireStixx pellets is made up of the following costs:

  • Costs for raw materials: approx. 40%
  • Costs for storage, logistics and sales: approx. 30%
  • Production costs, i.e. drying of the raw materials and palletisation: approx. 30%